Urgent Press Release condemning the attack on Mr. Dawud Ibsa, the Chairman of Oromo Liberation Front


Subject: Urgent press release condemning the illegal raid of the residence of  Mr. Dawud Ibsa, chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front

We, members of Oromia Global Forum (OGF) – a global alliance of 45 Oromo cvivic, professional and religious Organizations – have learned that, on May 03, 2021, Ethiopa’s security forces raided the residence of the chairman of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Mr. Dawud Ibsa, illegally and without any court order.

Several print and media outlets reports confirm that, yesterday, May 3, 2021, Ethiopia’s security forces cordoned off areas surrounding Mr. Dawud Ibsa’s residence. They cut off all traffic in and out of the area and violently broke into the Chairman’s residence in Addis Ababa, at about 9:00pm, local time.

OGF’s local sources corroborated that the Ethiopian regime’s security forces cut off power supply to the property, and forcibly raided the residence, looted computers, communication equipment, electronic devices, other properties from the Chairman’s residence. They have beaten and removed the on duty security guards of the Charman, his guests, relatives, and all employees that were present in the compound at the time of the brutal raid. The raiders reportedly looted valuable personal belongings and cash belonging to the residents and visitors. They destroyed furnitures and other properties that they could not move/remove from the premises.

At the time of filing this press release, we have learned that unusually large congregation of government security and police forces are seen going in and out of the vicinity of Mr. Ibsa’s residence. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation in the area is restricted. People who ventured into the area unaware of the restrictions were arrested on the spot, and vehicular and pedestrian movements for the general public in the area remain prohibited.

The violent, illegal and inhumane treatment of the chairman, his security guards, family members, guests, vistors and the general public by the Ethiopina regime is heart-breaking.

By removing the security guards of the chairman, Mr. Dawud Ibsa, the Ethiopian government is exposing Mr. Ibsa to real, and present life threatening danger. The OGF believes that the safety and life of Mr. Ibsa is under huge risk, and Abiy Ahmed is the sole responsible entity, if anything happens to Mr. Ibsa.

We, members of Oromia Global Forum, condemn the cowardly and criminal acts of the government of Ethiopia, in the strongest possible terms.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to ask the heads of the governments of USA, UK, EU, AU, UNSC, the Secretary general of the United Nations, the UN Human Rights High commissioner, and other international Humanitarian and human rights organizations to immediately intervene and stop the government of Abiy Ahmed from acts of madness and lawlessness, ensuring the safety and life of Mr. Dawud Ibsa, all other persons and political prisoners in Ethiopia.

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