Urgent call to the international community to stop state-sponsored terrorism against the Oromo people by the Ethiopian government


On may 11, 2021, the Ethiopian security forces in Dembi Dolo city, Western Oromia, dragged a teenager pictured above from his parents’ home, hanged what appears to be a handgun on his neck, and publicly executed him at a roundabout pubic arena. Members of the community including his parents and friends were forced to witness this heinous crime. His parents were not even allowed to take the body of their son riddled with bullets; instead, they were taken to jail. The government publicly announced their bogus allegation that the teenager was a member of “Shane” – a name they use to refer to the Oromo Liberation Army they subject to public execution without any due process. This appalling atrocity is the latest of series of mass murders that Abiy’s regime has been intensively waging on Oromos since 2019 as documented in the recent Oromo Support Group report released in April of this year.


To read the full statement click here.


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