Oromo Scholars and Professionals Group: The ongoing state-sponsored terror in Oromia


IQ a VeePLQgO\ hLghO\ cRRUdLQaWed faVhLRQ LQYROYLQg EWhLRSLa¶V NaWLRQaO DefeQVe FRUce (ENDF) and its allies (e.g., Amhara Regional State security forces, Amhara militia [Fano] and the
Eritrean Defense Forces), innocent civilians in Oromia and other occupied regions in Ethiopia
are daily subjected to barbaric extrajudicial killings. We, the undersigned members of Oromo
Scholars and Professionals (OSP) condemn these heinous crimes in strongest possible terms and
call upon the UN, EU and non-governmental International Human Rights Organizations and
governments to immediately commission an independent investigation and bring the culprits to

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