Ka’i Oromoo! Fincila diddaa gabrummaa!

We must all act to prevent mass killing and civil war in Ethiopia

The Oromia Human Rights Group calls on all Oromo, all the oppressed people and peoples in Ethiopia and their friends across the world to protest about the increasing danger of massive communal violence in Ethiopia.

We ask you to request international help to stop this lethal and destructive unrest and to persuade PM Abiy Ahmed to release political prisoners, negotiate with opposition political parties and take part in a National Dialogue.

An election, with opposition party offices closed and their officials, members and candidates imprisoned would be absurd and could legitimise Abiy Ahmed’s rule for another five years.

Please contact local and national media and all of your political representatives. Show them the evidence of abuses, such as OSG Report 55 or other up-to-date reports. Ask politicians for their help to bring abuses to public attention and for your host government to take action.

Please use the template letter to write to your political representatives. This letter is deliberately worded in a moderate way, without using words such as genocide or ethnic cleansing. It is more likely to be effective without these words.

The letter requests support for the release of political prisoners, a National Dialogue and postponement of the elections scheduled for 5 June. In doing so, the letter describes the current chaos and insecurity in Ethiopia.

Please do not forget to put your own name and address on the letter (top right of first page or at the end).


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