Oromia Global Forum (OGF)

Slogans for Oromummaa Campaign - June 2021

Demand immediate Release of political prisoners

  1. Release Oromo political leaders NOW!
  2. Release all Oromo political prisoners NOW!
  3. Release Oromo political prisoners without preconditions!
  4. Free all Oromo Political Prisoners, unconditionally.
  5. Imprisoning Oromo icons will never stop the Oromo struggle!

Reject Ethiopia’s upcoming sham elections

  1. We reject Ethiopia’s sham election!
  2. Ethiopian election, NOT fair, NOT free!
  3. No Elections, Without Representation!

Demand independent investigations and justice in Oromia

  1. UN special rapporteur on Oromia NOW!
  2. Independent Investigation into Hacalu’s murder NOW!
  3. Independent Investigation in Oromia NOW!
  4. Independent Investigation into Crimes against Humanity in Oromia NOW!
  5. Justice for Hacaalu Hundeessaa NOW!
  6. Justice for Amanuel Wondimu NOW!
  7. Justice for Daadhii Galaan NOW!
  8. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied!
  9. We demand Justice NOW!
  10. Freedom NOW! Justice NOW! Democracy NOW!
  11. No Justice, No Peace!
  12. No justice, No Democracy!
  13. Abbiy Ahmed & his Nafxayaa cronies must be brought to justice!
  14. Justice for Oromo people!
  15. Justice for Oromo prisoners!
  16. Justice for Oromia!
  17. No justice in Oromia, no peace in Ethiopia

Demand Self-determination for Oromia

  1. Referendum for Oromia now!
  2. Self-Determination for Oromia NOW!
  3. Let people decide! Referendum Now!
  4. Oromia Shall be Free!
  5. It is time for the Independent state of Oromia!
  6. Freedom for Oromo people!
  7. We Demand Freedom NOW!
  8. FREE  Oromia NOW!
  9. Decolonize Oromia NOW!
  10. Independence is a natural way of BEING!
  11. We Demand Independent Oromia NOW!

Condemn Human Rights Violations

  1. Respect human rights in Oromia!
  2. Eritrean troops, Out of Oromia!
  3. Amhara Militia, Our of Oromia!
  4. Stop genocide in Oromia!
  5. Lift State of emergency in Oromia NOW!
  6. Lift “Command Post” on Oromia NOW!
  7. Ethiopia, stop killing Oromos!
  8. Ethiopia, stop raping Oromo women!
  9. Ethiopian armed forces, stop raping Oromo women!
  10. Stop Burning Oromo villages. Stop burning Oromia!
  11. Stop evicting Oromos from their lands!
  12. Ethiopian armed forces, stop killing Oromos!
  13. Abiy Ahmed is a killer!
  14. We Demand Democracy NOW!`
  15. Abiy Ahmed is responsible for Hacalu’s murder!
  16. Abbiy Ahmed & his Nafxayaa cronies are killers!
  17. Dismantle the Neftegna system in Oromia!
  18. Ethiopian army must go back to the barracks

What do we demand?

  1. What do we demand? Freedom!
  2. When do we demand? Now
  3. What do we demand? Justice!
  4. When do we demand? Now
  5. What do we demand? Peace!
  6. When do we demand? Now
  7. What do we demand? Democracy!
  8. When do we demand? Now
  9. Peace for Oromia!
  10. Democracy for Oromia!