Press release, issued by the Oromo Scholars and Professionals group


April 30, 2024

Subject: Oromo Scholars and Professionals Strongly Condemn the Brutal Political

Assassination of Mr. Battee Urgeessaa and Firmly Stand with his Family.

Oromo Scholars and Professionals (OSP) are shocked by the brutal killing of Mr.

Battee Urgeessaa, a highly courageous person committed to the defense of human

and political rights of all people. Over the last years, Battee had committed his life

to supporting the Oromo national struggle for self-determination and served as the

spokesperson of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Although the OLF is a legally

registered political organization in Ethiopia since 2019, many of its high-ranking

officers and supporters have been detained and illegally kept in prison over the last

five years despite court rulings for their immediate release. Battee himself was

detained and kept in jail without any charge, where police officers mistreated him.

Shortly before his assassination, he was detained again after talking to a French


Despite repeated arrests, physical mistreatment, harassment of his family and

relatives, imminent danger to his life, Battee remained steadfast in his defense of

justice and the rights of the Oromo people. He had not hesitated for a moment to

speak out about the illegal arrests of his colleagues and members of other

opposition political parties, and the killings of innocent people, including in conflict

areas in Oromia, Tigray, and Amhara regions. Battee was a true voice of reason and

justice who was brutally silenced at Maqii, his hometown, near Lake Ziway, on April

9, 2024.

Oromo Scholars and Professionals strongly condemn this senseless politically

motivated assassination of Battee and stand firmly by his family.

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