Oromos should reject the “Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission”


A press release of the Oromo Scholars and Professionals, June 4, 2024

We, the Oromo Scholars and Professionals, firmly denounce the so-called “Ethiopian National
Dialogue Commission” (ENDC) because it is a deceptive political operation designed to prolong Abiy
Ahmed’s violent and repressive rule over our people. We also call on the Oromo people to reject this
deceitful scheme and urge genuine citizens who may have innocently associated themselves with the
ENDC to withdraw their support and cease being used as a tool for this oppressive regime.
In a frantic effort to quell the international pressure and regain access to foreign aid, the Ethiopian
government, in the aftermath of the Tigrayan war, established the “Ethiopian National Dialogue
Commission” (ENDC) in the name of promoting national dialogue and consensus building. The
ENDC was created without consultation with opposition political parties. While we support all efforts
for holistic peace through genuine dialogue and political participation, we believe this move is bogus,
disingenuous, and will further complicate the already cluttered political landscape fueling the ongoing
conflicts. The three years of inactivity of the commission is a testimony to its serious shortcomings to
implement such an undertaking, and its recent announcement to begin to implement the dialogue
starting on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, is simply haphazard.
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