Oromia Global Forum Statement Opposing Forceful Conscription of Citizens of Oromia for Amhara-Extremists-led Civil War in Ethiopia


Oromia Global Forum (OGF), a global alliance of Oromo civic, professional, and faith-based
organizations and individual human rights defenders and activists, has been following PM Abiy’s
meteoric rise to power, spectacular fall from grace, and the civil war he triggered. After the
humiliating defeat in the war, PM Abiy announced a unilateral ceasefire, seemingly to buy time to
regroup and replenish the country’s defense assets the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) decimated.
Currently, the regime and the main architect of the war, the Amhara Regional State government,
are preparing for the second round of war against the people of Tigray, and an expanded war
targeting what the regime often refers to as “Oneg Shane”; a derogatory term it uses to refer to
Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

OGF denounces these senseless wars in the strongest possible terms and calls upon all nations and
nationalities in Ethiopia to say NO to this Abiy’s Prosperity Party- and Amhara extremists-led
genocidal war.

To read the full statement click here


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