OLA High Command Statement 05/04/2021)


The Illegitimate Ruling Clique of Ethiopia Has Once Again Quashed the Prospect of Peaceful Resolution of the Catastrophic Political Conflict in the Country

(OLA High Command)

In its April 27th, 2021 statement, the Oromo Liberation Army raised its concerns about the dire economic and political crisis that Ethiopia has descended into. The OLA proposed an eight-point plan that outlined a pathway towards peaceful resolution and democratic elections. Furthermore, the OLA also declared its readiness to cooperate with all stakeholders who have a similar interest in putting a permanent end to the suffering the peoples of Ethiopia are enduring.

The Oromo Liberation Front and the Oromo Federalist Congress, the two main Oromo political parties who were systematically pushed out of participating in the national elections, issued similar press releases calling for an all-inclusive national dialogue to salvage the country from the deepening political, economic, and security quagmire. Likewise, the international community, including the United States of America, also called for peaceful resolution of the ongoing catastrophic war in Tigray and raised important questions about the legitimacy of the planned national election. They advised that the sham election would only serve to further escalate tensions and plunge the country even deeper down a spiral.

The Abiy regime’s response to these calls for peace was the May 1st, 2021 declaration passed by the Council of Ministers. By passing this declaration, the illegitimate clique has once again revealed its despotic nature and insensitivity to the plight the peoples of Ethiopia have been facing due to extrajudicial killings, illegal imprisonments, life insecurity, and unbearable economic hardships. Despite the OLA’s good intentions, it is now clear that the illegitimate Ethiopian government has stubbornly chosen the path of war and destruction to achieve its sole objective of remaining in power at any cost. “Shene” is a vague label used by the Abiy regime as both a scapegoat and a term for any Oromo that the illegitimate clique wishes to target and destroy. The illegitimate clique has worked very hard into building the “Shene” bogeyman and using it as justification to kill, imprison, and torture the Oromo people with impunity. In practical terms, giving the “Shene” label a terrorist designation is a declaration of war on the

Oromo people and an indication that the brutal crackdown waged on Oromo opposition to the Abiy regime will only grow more intense. We have already seen the first sign of this in the recent treatment of Oromo Liberation Front chairman, Mr Dawud Ibsa, who has been a steadfast proponent of free and fair elections. Abiy Ahmed has made it more than clear that he only believes in rule by the barrel of the gun. We truly regret the missed golden opportunity to peacefully resolve the ongoing catastrophic conflicts and mitigate the suffering of our people.

We would like to inform the international community and the peace-loving Ethiopian masses that is has become the OLA’s imperative to take all measures permitted within the confines of the Geneva Conventions to emancipate its people from the yoke of the illegitimate oligarchs holed up in Finfinnee. The OLA will engage in total war to remove this illegitimate clique from power and to finally enforce the constitutionally enshrined right to self-determination for the Oromo people and other oppressed nations of Ethiopia. While the path may be difficult, there is no doubt that victory and freedom are in sight.

The OLA would like to reiterate once again that taking the route of armed struggle to resolve the more than a century old plight of the Oromo nation was never our first choice. We have been forced to take this path by the actions of successive Ethiopian regimes. Since the rise of this new tyrannical clique in 2018, we have extended the olive branch in good faith countless times only to be rebuffed and have our good faith exploited. The current illegitimate clique that calls itself the “Prosperity Party” will be held solely responsible for all damage and pain that will result from the continuation of armed conflict in Oromia and Ethiopia.

OLA High Command

May 5th, 2021


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