OGF strongly condemns the Ethiopian Government’s continued genocidal war against the Oromo people and others


We, members of the Oromia Global Forum (OGF) – a global alliance of Oromo civic, professional, faith-based organizations, and scholars – would like to bring to your attention and the world community the continued genocidal war and atrocities committed by the Ethiopian government against the Oromo people and others.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, soon after he came to power in 2018, declared martial law in Oromia Regional State giving unrestricted authority to security forces to kill and terrorize the Oromo people. Since the establishment of the military rule, the Oromo people have been terrorized and traumatized. Fathers have been shot dead in front of their families, mothers are gang rapped infront of their children, ordinary citizens kidnaped and tortured, grains intentionally set ablaze in the fields to starve the farming communities. Moreover, deliberate burning of peasant houses, daylight public executions and burning alive innocent citizens the security forces suspect as supporters of opposition parties have become the norm in Oromia Regional State. Peoples’ rights to life, property, and other opportunities have been abolished. Tens of thousands of young men and women have been locked up in concentration camps and prisons, with little or no access to food and medical care. Having lost hope for life and opportunities the Oromo youth raised arms against the Prime minister Abiy’s regime.

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