Information to Further Your Independent Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in Oromia


We, the undersigned members of Oromo Scholars and Professionals Group (OSPG), based in North America, the US, Europe, and Australia, wholeheartedly welcome the UN HRC’s decision to establish an International Commission of Human Rights experts on Ethiopia and the appointment of the three Eminent Human Rights Experts by the President of the Human Rights Council to investigate the alleged grave human rights violations in Ethiopia.

We also welcome the extension of the Expert team’s mandate to include Human Rights violations committed against civilians inside Oromia. Oromia has been the center of rights violations for the last 30 years, but it took the worst turn following Abiy Ahmed’s ascent to power in 2018. The gross mass murders, burning of properties and displacements in Oromia started [4,3] before the Tigray war was launched, and escalated to a level of cruelty beyond human imagination; all under a total communication blackout. The violations are planned by the federal and regional states and perpetrated by agents trained and deployed by the same entity. They often occur following massive media disinformation campaigns blaming the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in what appears to be a retaliation for losses on the battlefield.

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