For Immediate Release: Condemning the vicious attacks against the Oromo nation and rejecting the falsehoods, lies, distortions, confusions, and self-serving interpretations of history


The Amhara elites, who still dominate over 74% of the Ethiopian state bureaucracy and control the resources of the multiethnic population, have been accustomed to imposing their version of history, culture, language, and religion on other peoples – for more than a century. Masquerading themselves under the Ethiopian garb, they always advance their interests – at the cost of all other peoples in Ethiopia.

Delighted by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s promise of restoring Ahmara’s kingship, they praised him as their messiah (Moses) of the 21st century. With his support, they organized an extremist vigillante group named Fanno and declared war of genocide and ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans, Oromos, Sidamas, Benishangul-Gumuz, etc. They marched with him to war fronts, vowing to destroy these peoples, with the goal of taking away Walkayit, Raya, Wallaga, Wallo, Shoa, Karrayyu, Dera, Metekel, etc.

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