Oromia Global Forum (OGF)

About US


 Oromia Global Forum (OGF) is a global alliance of Oromo Civic, Professional, and Faith-Based Organizations and individual Human Rights defenders and activists, residing in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

Our shared vision, mission, and values are:

Vision: Build the capacity of Oromo citizens to make their voices heard and take their right place in the world community.

Mission: Network, Mobilize and Organize Oromo human and material resources to empower the nation to defend its rights, stand for peace, justice, equity, and democratic governance through self-determination.

Values: Our values are based on the egalitarian Gadaa/Siinqee system of the Oromo nation, which stands for, and promotes, truth, social justice, equality of citizens, unity of the nation, integrity of Oromia, freedom, peace and prosperity of the nation.


  • Advocate for the victims of injustice in Oromia and beyond;

  • Collect, analyze and disseminate (communicate) information and evidences pertinent to our mission;

  • Mobilize and Organize Oromo resources to empower the nation by connecting and networking Oromo organizations and individuals to build a national consensus.

Member Organizations

2 Bilal Oromo Dawa Center
3 Canaan Oromo Evangelical Church
4Charismatic International Fellowship Church
5 DMV Oromo Islamic Center
7 Gaadisa Sabboontottaa KP
8Global Gumii Oromia
9Global Oromo Advocacy Group
10Global Waaqeffannaa Council
11Horn of Africa Genocide Watch
12 Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa
13International Oromo Lawyers Association
14International Oromo Women’s Organization
15International Qeerroo Support Group
16Network of Oromo Studies
17Mana Kiristaanaa Fayyisaa Addunyaa
18Oromo Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
19Oromo Communities’ Association of North America
20Oromo Community of Bergen
21Oromo Community of Oslo
22Oromo Evangelical Lutheran Church of Los Angeles
23Oromo Evangelical Lutheran Church of Washington DC Metropolitan Area
24Oromo Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society
25Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organization
26Oromo Legacy, Leadership and Advocacy Association
27Oromo Lutheran Church of Baltimore
28 Oromo Parliamentarians Council
29Oromo Political Prisoners Association
30Oromo Relief Organization, ORA in USA
31Oromo Resurrection Evangelical Church
32Oromo Scholars and Professionals
33Oromo Seniors Welfare & Benevolent Association In Victoria (OSWBAV) Inc
34Oromo Studies Association
35Oromia Support Group
36Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church
37Tawfiq Islamic Center
38Tawhid Oromo Islamic Center in Minnesota
39Tumsa Sochii Haqa Oromoo
40Union of Oromo Communities in Canada
41United Oromo Chirstian Church in Australia
42United Oromo Evangelical Church
43Wabii Maccaa Association
44Washington DC Metropolitan Oromo SDA Church