An Open letter to Aljazeera Stream,


On March 29th 2021, you hosted a show titled “Is Ethiopia hurtling towards all-out ethnicconflict?” with the guests Awol Allo, Tewodrose Tirfe and Zacharias Zelalem. We want to beginby acknowledging the weight and significance of Jaal Marro, one of the Oromo LiberationArmy’s (OLA) 4 High Commanders, appearing on an international media platform like AJstream.We have reached a phase in our freedom struggle where it is necessary that the worldunderstands the mission, code of conduct and overall operations of the OLA as a pivotal part of the Oromo nation’s quest for self-determination. We hope that AJStream and the widerAljazeera community continue to engage with OLA representatives in future programs anddiscussions pertaining to Ethiopia.

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