A month-long-global Oromummaa Campaign – June 2021


Press Release

A month-long-global Oromummaa Campaign – June 2021 The month of June 2021 is special for Oromos for a couple of reasons. First, having herded Oromo political leaders into prison on trumped-up charges the neo-neftenya government of Ethiopia (GoE) is planning to hold a fake general election, in June, in which it is the only contender. The Oromo people, in Oromia and in the Diaspora, will be demonstrating to the world its rejection of this not free, nor fair, sham election in which it is not represented. Secondly, last year, in the month of June, after murdering our beloved artist and activist Hacalu Hundessa, the neo-neftenya GoE used it as a pretext to continue killing and herding Oromo people into detention camps. Having recognized these acts of the GoE to be part and parcel of its long campaign conducted to destroy Oromummaa (Oromo identity) and dismantle Oromia, Oromo organizations and intellectuals came together and decided that June 2021 become “Oromummaa Campaign” month. Objectives of “Oromummaa campaign” are to:

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